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      RS 56:2026     


§2026. Commission; officers; meetings; reports

           A. The commission shall elect from its own members a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, whose duties shall be those usual to such offices. At the option of the commission, the offices of secretary and treasurer may be held by one person.

           B. The commission shall meet in regular session once each month and shall also meet in special session as often as the president of the board convenes them or on the written request of four members. Four members of the commission shall constitute a quorum.

           C. Meetings of the commission shall take place in a suitable location in the parish of Terrebonne.

           D. The commission shall render annually to the governing authority of the parish of Terrebonne, within ninety days following the end of each calendar year, a report in triplicate of its activities, together with a financial report disclosing all receipts and disbursements of the commission.

           Acts 1991, No. 179, §1, eff. July 2, 1991.

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