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      RS 56:27     


§27.  Management and harvesting of fish in private ponds exempt from statutory limitations; permits; exceptions

A.  Except as provided in Sub-sections B and C of this Section, the management and harvest or taking of fish in privately owned man made ponds or impoundments shall not be subject to statutory limitations as to the kind, number or size of fish which may be harvested or taken, or as to the method of harvesting or taking fish, or seasons or other limitations, restrictions, prohibitions or regulations governing the management and harvest or taking of fish, but shall be governed by administrative rules and regulations of the commission, and the commission may issue permits to each private owner therefor.  

B.  Statutory and administrative regulations governing or prohibiting the sale or exchange of game fish shall apply to game fish harvested or taken from privately owned man made ponds or impoundments.  

C.  Sub-section A of this Section does not apply to ponds or impoundments built within the basin of a continuously flowing river, bayou or other stream of water.  

Added by Acts 1960, No. 127, §§1 to 3.  

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