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      RS 56:30.1     


§30.1.  Department of Wildlife and Fisheries; issuance of licenses and permits for hunting and fishing

The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is hereby authorized to issue hunting and fishing licenses and permits through an electronic issuance system.  In addition, the department is hereby authorized to contract for electronic license issuance services in accordance with the provisions of R.S. 39:198(G) and to enter into agreements with issuing agents for the issuance of the licenses and permits.  Such issuance system may include purchase of licenses or permits using the telephone and any other electronic methods of communication and may include payment of the required fees by way of credit card as provided in R.S. 56:642.  Such issuance system may also include receipt of payment of fines resultant from class one violations.  The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries shall implement any electronic system through the promulgation and adoption of rules and regulations therefor.

Acts 1998, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 164, §2, eff. Sept. 21, 1998; Acts 2001, No. 805, §1; Acts 2003, No. 90, §1; Acts 2007, No. 85, §2.

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