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      RS 56:301.1     


§301.1.  License requirements; possession; nontransferability

A.  Persons taking fish, whether recreationally or commercially, and persons involved in the fish industry, including wholesale/retail dealers and transporters, and vessels involved in the fish industry must be licensed in accordance with this Part.  

B.  Persons and vessels engaged in an activity for which a license is required must have in their immediate possession and, in the case of a vessel on board the vessel, a valid, original license and shall show such license upon demand to a duly authorized agent of the department.  

C.  Licenses are valid in any parish and on any day of the year.  

D.  Except as provided in this Part, licenses cannot be assigned or transferred to, or used by, any other person or vessel than to whom issued.  An officer authorized to enforce the provisions of this Part shall take possession of any license found in the possession of any person or vessel other than the one to whom issued and shall deliver it to the department for cancellation.  The license is thereupon void.  

Acts 1986, No. 904, §1.  

{{NOTE:  SEE ACTS 1986, NO. 904, §5.}}  

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