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      RS 56:333.1     


§333.1.  Mullet; freshwater areas

Mullet may be taken commercially by means of hoop nets in the freshwater areas of the state as described in R.S. 56:322(A).  The commission in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act shall adopt rules and regulations to regulate the taking of mullet.  The rules shall provide for zones, permits, fees, daily take and possession limits, and other provisions necessary to implement the provisions of this Section.  The rules promulgated by the commission shall specifically provide the following:

(1)  That mullet caught in the freshwater areas of the state shall not be possessed by commercial fishermen in the saltwater areas of the state.

(2)  There shall be no lead nets on hoop nets used for the fishing of mullet.

(3)  No hoop nets used to catch freshwater mullet shall be run at night.

(4)  No mullet shall be possessed in the freshwater areas of the state between the hours of official sunset and official sunrise.

Acts 1999, No. 838, §1.

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