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      RS 56:406     


§406.  Use of trammel net, seine, gill net, or webbing prohibited in the waters of Breton Islands and Chandeleur Islands; exceptions; penalty

A.(1)  To promote the conservation of saltwater fish in the state, the use of any form of trammel net, seine, gill net, strike net, or webbing (ordinarily or historically used for the catching or taking of, or capable of fishing for saltwater finfish) is hereby prohibited in the waters as delineated in Paragraph (2) of this Subsection except as provided in R.S. 56:318 and 320.2.

(2)  A description of the prohibited area is as follows:

(a)  Beginning at the most northerly point on the south side of Taylor Pass at Lat. 29° 23' 18." 476 N (Y-268.131.65), Long. 89° 19' 00." 803 W. (X-2, 642,161.69).

(b)  Thence run N. 32° 32' W. for 8 3/4 miles to a horizontal tank battery located in the vicinity of Battledore Reef and east of Little Battledore Island.

(c)  Thence run N. 30° 47' E. for 11 miles to the Mississippi River Gulf-Outlet Channel at a lighted privately-maintained marker known as Station 49 at Lat. 29° 37' 16" N., Long. 89° 18' 31" W. and Station 50 at Lat. 29° 37' 19" N. and Long. 89° 18' 24" W.

(d)  Thence N. 16° 10' E. for 8 1/2 miles to Point Chicot light.

(e)  Thence N. 20° 10' E. for 13 1/2 miles to Mitchell Key light.

(f)  Thence N. 35° 47' E. for 20 3/4 miles to Whistle Buoy at the entrance to Gulfport Channel, Lat. 30° 07' 00" N., Long. 88° 55' 08" W.

(g)  Thence S. 47° 30' E. for 4 1/2 miles to a point, one mile north of Chandeleur light.

(h)  Thence southeasterly running parallel to the present inside-outside water line as described in R.S. 56:495 one mile east offshore of Chandeleur, continue in a southerly direction one mile east along the Chandeleur Islands.

(i)  Thence continue southerly one mile offshore east of Palos Island, Boot Island, Stake Island, Curlew Island, Errol Island, Myth Shoal and Gosier Island to the Mississippi River Gulf-Outlet.

(j)  Thence southwesterly one mile east offshore of Breton Island, continuing S. 56° 45' W. for 12 miles to the point of origin.

(3)(a)  It is specifically provided that nothing contained in this Section shall prohibit the use of shrimp trawls or menhaden purse seines within the described area or the use of pompano strike nets having a mesh size of not less than five inches stretched, and for the purpose of fishing pompano only and not exceeding two thousand four hundred feet in length, during the period from August first through October thirty-first of each year in waters within the described area beyond two thousand five hundred feet from land and in excess of seven feet in depth.

(b)  No person using any pompano strike net in the described area as provided herein shall have in his possession any edible fish, other than pompano.  The provisions of this Section are subject to quotas and size limits as established by law and rules and regulations of the commission.

(c)  No person may use a pompano net in the described area unless he has first obtained a special permit which the secretary shall issue and which special permit number shall be displayed on each vessel on the roof, or in such position recognizable from the air on open boats, in block letters and numerals eight inches high, width in proportion, contrasting with the background, being fully exposed to view from the air at all times.

(d)  No person shall fish for pompano in Breton Sound or Chandeleur Sound during the hours after sunset and before sunrise.

(e)  Each pompano strike net shall have attached to it a tag issued by the department which states the name, address, and social security number of the owner of the net and the permit number of the permit issued to commercially take pompano.  The department shall not issue any tag to a person who does not have a social security number.

B.  It shall be the duty of the commission to enforce this section.

C.  Violation of any of the provisions of this Section constitutes a class 5-A violation, R.S. 56:35.

D.  The provisions of this Section shall be self-operative and shall require no further legislative action.

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