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      RS 56:410.2     


§410.2.  Use of trammel nets, gill nets, and strike nets in Calcasieu Lake in Cameron Parish prohibited

A.  No person shall set or use any trammel net, gill net, or strike net for the taking of fish in that portion of Calcasieu Lake located in Cameron Parish including that portion of the Calcasieu Ship Channel which actually adjoins Calcasieu Lake, West and East Pass of Calcasieu River, and Turner's Bay during the hours after the official sunset on Friday and before the official sunset on Sunday of each week during the period from May first through September thirtieth of each year.

B.  Violation of this Section constitutes a class two violation.

Acts 1990, No. 509, §1; Acts 1992, No. 528, §1, eff. June 29, 1992; Acts 1995, No. 583, §1.

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