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      RS 56:478     


§478.  Demarcation line

A.  A line of demarcation shall be established between what is considered productive oyster areas and areas which have become nonproductive seaward of known productive oyster areas, but which can be considered productive clam areas.  This line should not be of a permanent nature but flexible according to changing environmental conditions, giving the oyster preference.  

B.  During periods when it is unlawful to take oysters from the public seed grounds, it shall be unlawful to take clams from within the public seed grounds.  During these periods clams can only be taken seaward of the line of demarcation.  

The taking of clams by vessels properly licensed and permitted while engaging in normal clamming operations shall not be permitted in areas where active oyster production occurs.  It shall not be unlawful to take clams incidental to the harvesting of oysters.  

Added by Acts 1979, No. 616, §1.  

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