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      RS 56:55     


§55.  Search with or without warrant

A.  The secretary, the deputy secretary, or any commissioned wildlife enforcement agent of the enforcement division may visit, inspect, and examine, with or without search warrant, records, any cold storage plant, warehouse, boat, store, car, conveyance, automobile or other vehicle, airplane or other aircraft, basket or other receptacle, or any place of deposit for wild birds, wild quadrupeds, fish, or other aquatic life or any parts thereof whenever there is probable cause to believe that a violation has occurred.

B.  Commissioned wildlife enforcement agents of the enforcement division are authorized to visit or inspect at frequent intervals without the need of search warrants, records, cold storage plants, bait stands, warehouses, public restaurants, public and private markets, stores, and places where wild birds, game quadrupeds, fish, or other aquatic life or any parts thereof may be kept and offered for sale, for the purpose of ascertaining whether any laws or regulations under the jurisdiction of the department have been violated.  They also shall inspect establishments for commercial licenses required by the department to retail and/or wholesale commercial fish and bait fish where applicable under the provisions of this Chapter.  The department may institute proceedings in any court of competent jurisdiction for violation of laws or regulations under its jurisdiction.

Acts 1985, No. 876, §3, eff. July 23, 1985; Acts 1999, No. 13, §1.

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