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      RS 56:637.1     


§637.1. Definitions; applicability

           A. For purposes of this Subpart, the following words and phrases shall have the meaning ascribed to them in this Section, unless the context clearly indicates a different meaning:

           (1) "Box turtle" means any species of the genus Terrapene, that is indigenous to the state of Louisiana. This includes any hybrids of these species. All box turtles in Louisiana shall be deemed to be native to Louisiana.

           (2) "Farm raised box turtle" means any box turtle that was hatched and raised on a turtle farm.

           (3) "Turtle farm" means any pet turtle farm that is located and operating inside the state of Louisiana that is also licensed by the Department of Agriculture and Forestry to do business in this state.

           (4) "Wild box turtle" means any box turtle not hatched and raised on a turtle farm. A box turtle shall be considered as wild unless a valid bill of sale, clearly demonstrating it to be a farm raised box turtle, is produced.

           B. Administration; enforcement; penalties

           (1) Commercial use of box turtles:

           (a) With the exception of farm raised box turtles, no box turtle, no box turtle egg, or any part of a box turtle shall be sold, traded, or otherwise entered into commerce.

           (b) There shall be no taking of wild box turtles for commercial purposes.

           (c) Except as provided in Paragraph (2) of this Subsection, any violation of this Section shall be a class four violation, R.S. 56:34.

           (2) Recreational use of wild box turtles. No more than two wild box turtles per day may be taken for recreational purposes, and no person shall have in his or her possession more than four box turtles at any time. A violation of this Paragraph shall constitute a class one violation, R.S. 56:31.

           Acts 1999, No. 81, §1.

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