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      RS 56:639.7     


§639.7.  Preparation of the Louisiana Artificial Reef Development Plan

A.  The Louisiana Artificial Reef Initiative is directed to complete its work on the Louisiana Artificial Reef Development Plan, hereinafter called the "plan", within one year of the effective date of this Subpart.  

B.  The initiative shall present the plan to the council for approval.  Upon unanimous approval by the council, and after review by the department, the plan shall be presented by October 1, 1987, to the House and Senate Natural Resources Committees for their approval.  

C.  All artificial reefs developed in state waters shall be consistent with the approved plan.  State agency comments and recommendations on artificial reefs in federal waters shall also be consistent with the approved plan.  

D.  The plan shall include:

(1)  Operational guidelines for the program, including specific participant roles and projected funding requirements for program elements.

(2)  Geographic, hydrographic, geological, biological, ecological, social, economic, and other criteria for permitting and siting artificial reefs.

(3)  Design, material, and other criteria for establishing, constructing, and maintaining artificial reefs.  

(4)  Mechanisms and methodologies for monitoring artificial reefs in compliance with the requirements of permits issued under Section 205 of the National Fishing Act.  

(5)  Mechanisms and methodologies for managing the use of artificial reefs.  

(6)  An exclusionary map which depicts priority areas for artificial reef development consistent with this Subpart and the National Fishing Enhancement Act.  

(7)  Provisions for updating the plan based on findings of the Artificial Reef Development Program.  

(8)  Provisions for managing the Reef Fund in a manner which will assure successful program implementation.  

Acts 1986, No. 100, §1, eff. June 23, 1986.  

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