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      RS 56:641     




§641. Hunting, fishing licenses; Wild Louisiana Stamp; multi-year issuance; fees

           A. The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, through its secretary, may, in addition to the issuance of annual individual hunting and fishing licenses and in order to facilitate the distribution of sport hunting and fishing licenses as provided in this Chapter, provide for the issuance of hunting or fishing licenses, or the Wild Louisiana Stamp, on a three year basis, exclusive of any other special licenses otherwise authorized by law. The license may be issued on an individual license basis or any license combination presently allowed by law. The fee for such multi-year hunting or fishing licenses, or the Wild Louisiana Stamp, issued shall be the same as the sum of the individual hunting or fishing license, or the Wild Louisiana Stamp, or the sum of any combination hunting or fishing license as now or hereafter provided by law. The department shall provide for computerized mail renewal of all licenses or stamps issued under the provisions of this Section. The secretary shall promulgate rules and regulations to effectuate the provisions of this Section.

           B. The multiple year license fee collected under the provisions of this Section shall, after receipt and deposit in the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation Fund, as required by law, be appropriated on a pro-rata basis to the department.

           Acts 1995, No. 513, §1.

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