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      RS 56:649.3     


§649.3.  Combination lifetime hunting and sports fishing license

A.  Any bona fide resident of this state may obtain a combination lifetime hunting and sports fishing license, which shall entitle the licensee to all of the privileges of both the lifetime hunting and lifetime sports fishing licenses provided for in R.S. 56:649.1 and 649.2.  The fee for the combination lifetime license shall be five hundred dollars.  The fee for persons thirteen years of age or under shall be three hundred dollars.  The fee for a resident who is sixty years of age or older shall be fifty dollars.

B.  A combination lifetime hunting and sports fishing license holder shall be entitled to the individual gear license privileges under the recreational gear license as provided in R.S. 56:302.3.  However, an additional fee shall be levied for lifetime privileges for each recreational fishing gear license in an amount that is equal to ten times the cost of an annual license issued under the provisions of R.S. 56:302.3.

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