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      RS 56:653     


§653.  Information to accompany applications; annual fee

A.  The application for such a license shall be accompanied by a fee of two hundred dollars to be the annual charge for the issuance of such license, and shall be further accompanied by information as to:

(1)  The location and description of the premises, including a legal description of the land, and

(2)  Copies of parish or ward maps with the area or areas clearly outlined and a description of the facilities thereon, together with the interest of the applicant therein.  

B.  It shall further be accompanied by information on the applicant as to his place of residence or, if a corporation, the place of incorporation, and the location of its principal place of office, and if a partnership, the names and addresses of each partner, the address of its principal office, together with full details as to the intended operations on said hunting preserve.  Also, the applicant shall further furnish to the commission any additional information required or which may be requested by said commission.  

Added by Acts 1958, No. 455, §3; Acts 1988, No. 87, §1.  

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