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      RS 56:654     


§654.  Conditions

The following conditions must be complied with before the applicant shall be eligible for the issuance of a hunting preserve license as herein provided:

(1)  The land to comprise said preserve shall consist of not more than 2,000 acres nor less than 100 acres and must be owned or leased by the applicant.  In the event the property is under lease to the applicant, said lease shall be for a term of not less than one year from date of application, and such lease is subject to inspection and approval by the commission in the consideration of the granting of such license.  

(2)  The boundary lines of said premises shall be marked by signs located not more than four hundred feet apart, indicating that they are boundary line signs of the preserve in letters not less than two inches in height.  

(3)  Only pen-raised mallard or black ducks, at least two generations removed from the wild, or pen-raised quail are approved state game birds which may be used for preserve hunting.  

(4)  All open-raised quail and pen-raised mallard released on a hunting preserve shall have a band on one leg which shall contain information as to permit number and an identification number.  The band must be approved by the commission and shall remain on the bird whether it be removed from the preserve dead or alive until said bird is ready for consumption.  All game birds taken from any such hunting preserve must be tagged in a manner as specified and approved by the commission.  

(5)  A complete record of all birds propagated, released or taken on said preserve, including complete records of all operations of said preserve, shall be furnished the commission within 60 days after the hunting season has closed.  

Added by Acts 1958, No. 455, §4; Acts 1988, No. 87, §1.  

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