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      RS 56:69.3     


§69.3.  Commissions and commissioning

A.  The secretary may commission auxiliary agents under the provisions of this Subpart to supplement the efforts of wildlife agents to the degree necessary to adequately protect the state's wildlife and fishery resources.  However, at no time shall there be more than fifty active commissioned auxiliary agents.  

B.(1)  The secretary shall have the sole authority to commission auxiliary agents, and to revoke the commission of any auxiliary agent as provided in this Subpart.  

(2)  No commission shall be issued for a period greater than one year but may be renewed as provided by R.S. 56:69.7.  

C.  The secretary shall develop plans and procedures for implementing, administering, and managing the auxiliary law enforcement program which shall include requirements that each auxiliary agent:

(1)  Perform his duties under the supervision or direction of a wildlife agent within the enforcement division.  

(2)  Be evaluated on an annual basis.  

(3)  Perform his duties for a minimum of twenty-four hours per month.  

(4)  Provide evidence of insurance coverage pursuant to R.S. 56:69.12(C).  

Acts 1990, No. 498, §2.  

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