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      RS 56:69.5     


§69.5.  Training

A.  Each person accepted into the auxiliary program shall be commissioned as a wildlife volunteer while attending and participating in the training program.  Failure to attend and participate in training shall be grounds to revoke a wildlife volunteer commission.  Requirements for training may be waived if the auxiliary agent was previously certified by the POST Council, successfully completes a refresher course as described in R.S. 56:69.7(D), and passes the examination required by R.S. 56:69.6(A).  

B.  No wildlife volunteer shall perform any enforcement duties until he has successfully completed the training program provided in Subsection C.  While in the training program, a wildlife volunteer may perform assigned, nonenforcement tasks and may wear a uniform.  

C.(1)  The secretary shall develop minimum training standards for the auxiliary enforcement program.  This program shall be composed of such standards and curriculum sufficient to be recognized as a valid peace officer's training program by the Louisiana Council on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST Council) and shall be designed to prepare auxiliary agents for field work.  Standards for training shall include but not be limited to the following:

(a)  Fish and wildlife laws, regulations, and rules.  

(b)  Firearms qualification.  

(c)  Arrest, search, and seizure.  

(d)  Use of force.  

(e)  Officer survival.  

(f)  First aid.  

(g)  Investigation and evidence.  

(h)  Civil liability of peace officers.  

(i)  Reports and court testimony.  

(2)  Any program conducted by a POST-certified training academy or by the department under the provisions of this Subpart shall satisfy the training requirements of the auxiliary enforcement training program.  

(3)  No other training program shall be acceptable in satisfying the requirements of this Subpart unless approved by the secretary.  

Acts 1990, No. 498, §2.  

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