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      RS 56:69.7     


§69.7.  Renewal of commissions

A.  The secretary may renew each commission of an auxiliary agent for one year provided the auxiliary agent satisfies the following requirements:

(1)  Receive a favorable recommendation from his supervising wildlife agent.  

(2)  Requalify on the POST firearms course.  

(3)  Attend seminars, workshops, or other meetings on wildlife and fisheries enforcement matters which may be required by the enforcement division.  

(4)  Complies with any other rule or regulation as may be required by the secretary.  

B.  Any auxiliary agent receiving an unfavorable recommendation from his supervising wildlife agent may request that the enforcement division appoint a hearing panel to review the case, pursuant to rules and regulations adopted by the secretary.  The findings of the hearing panel shall preempt any recommendation of the supervising agent.  

C.  Commissions shall be renewed as follows depending upon the level of experience and training of an auxiliary agent:

(1)  Wildlife volunteer.  A wildlife volunteer is a person enrolled in the auxiliary agent program but who has not satisfactorily completed the auxiliary agent training program.  

(2)  Junior auxiliary agent.  A junior auxiliary agent is a person who has successfully completed the probationary period required in R.S. 56:69.6 but who has not reached the level of training and experience required of a senior auxiliary agent.  Each junior auxiliary agent shall work with and under the direct supervision of a wildlife agent.  

(3)  Senior auxiliary agent.  A senior auxiliary agent is a person who has served as an auxiliary agent for a minimum of four hundred eighty hours, including his probationary period, and who has demonstrated proficiency in individual operational specialties as may be designated by the secretary.  A senior auxiliary agent may work alone, but only at the direction of a wildlife agent.  

(4)  Reserve agent.  A reserve agent is a person who complies with the provisions of R.S. 56:69.9.  

D.  Any individual who has not participated in the auxiliary agent program for two or more years may apply for renewal of a commission provided he complies with the following requirements:

(1)  Successful completion of a refresher training course approved by the department, which shall include but not be limited to the following items:

(a)  Fish and wildlife law, regulations, and rules.  

(b)  POST firearms requalification.  

(2)  Pass the written examination provided in R.S. 56:69.6(A).  

(3)  Complete an investigation into his background for the period of his nonparticipation in the auxiliary agent program.  

Acts 1990, No. 498, §2.  

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