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      RS 56:75     


§75.  Powers of commission; legislation

The commission shall make inquiry and ascertain from time to time such methods, practices, circumstances, and conditions as may be disclosed for bringing about the conservation and the prevention of the depletion and physical waste of the fisheries--marine, shell, anadromous--of the gulf coast.  The commission may recommend the coordination of the exercise of the police powers of the several states within their respective jurisdiction to promote the preservation of these fisheries and their protection against overfishing, waste, depletion, or any abuse whatsoever, and to assure a continuing yield from the fishery resources of the aforementioned states.  To that end the commission shall draft and recommend to the governors and legislatures of the various signatory states, legislation dealing with the conservation of the marine, shell, and anadromous fisheries of the gulf seaboard.  The commission shall from time to time present to the governor of each compacting state its recommendations relating to enactments to be presented to the legislature of that state in furthering the interest and purposes of this compact.  The commission shall consult with and advise the pertinent administrative agencies in the states party hereto with regard to problems connected with the fisheries and recommend the adoption of such regulations as it deems advisable.  The commission may recommend to the states party hereto the stocking of the waters of the states with fish and fish eggs or joint stocking by some or all of the states party hereto.  When two or more states jointly stock waters, the commission shall act as the coordinating agency for the stocking.  

Acts 1981, No. 837, §2.  

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