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      RS 9:226     



§226. Certified copy of birth certificate; translation to English

            A. A person born in Louisiana shall submit a certified copy of his birth certificate. A short-form birth certification card shall be acceptable as a certified copy of a birth certificate.

            B. A person born in a state or territory of the United States other than Louisiana shall submit a copy of his birth certificate under the raised seal or stamp of the vital statistics registration authority of his place of birth.

            C. A person born outside of the United States or territory of the United States shall submit a birth certificate under the seal of the United States or shall submit all of the following:

            (1)(a) A copy of the person's birth certificate under the raised seal or stamp of the vital statistics registration authority of the person's place of birth.

            (b) If the birth certificate is not printed in English, the party shall submit a translated copy in addition to the copy required by Subparagraph (a) of this Paragraph. The translation shall contain a sworn declaration of the translator that he is fluent in the language of the original birth certificate and of the translation, and that the translation is a true and accurate representation of the original.

            (2) A valid and unexpired passport or an unexpired visa accompanied by a Form I-94 issued by the United States, verifying that the applicant is lawfully in the United States.

            D. A copy of the birth certificate or order issued pursuant to R.S. 9:228 shall be retained by the official recorder of the marriage for a minimum period of sixty days.

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