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      RS 40:5.6.1     


§5.6.1. Safe drinking water; pilot program for water testing at schools; reporting; termination

            A. The Louisiana Department of Health, referred to hereafter in this Section as the "department", shall establish a pilot program for drinking water testing at elementary schools which comports with the requirements and specifications provided in this Section.

            B. The department shall select for the pilot program twelve public elementary schools at which to conduct drinking water testing. The department shall select for the pilot program schools with buildings which were built prior to 1986 or which may otherwise be susceptible to drinking water contamination.

            C. The office of public health of the department shall conduct drinking water testing on a schedule determined by the state health officer in each school selected for the pilot program. The state health officer shall select the standards for which the office shall test such that the testing is accomplished in a cost-neutral manner.

            D. The department shall operate the pilot program in a manner which incurs no additional cost to the department.

            E. The department shall report findings and outcomes of the pilot program to the House and Senate committees on health and welfare on or before December thirty-first annually.

            F. The provisions of this Section shall terminate on January 1, 2021.

            Acts 2018, No. 632, §1.

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