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      RS 17:409.4     


§409.4. Investigation of threats of violence or threats of terrorism

            A.(1) Each public school governing authority shall develop and adopt a policy for the investigation of threats of violence or threats of terrorism that have been reported to a school administrator, which shall include conducting an interview with the person reporting a threat, the person allegedly making a threat, and all witnesses, and securing any evidence, including but not limited to statements, writings, recordings, electronic messages, and photographs.

            (2) If the investigation results in evidence or information that supports that a threat is credible and imminent, the threat shall be immediately reported to a local law enforcement agency.

            B. Any law enforcement agency receiving notification of an alleged threat of violence or threat of terrorism under this Subpart shall:

            (1) Begin an investigation not later than the first day that school is in session after the report is received and endeavor to complete the investigation not later than three school days after the report is received.

            (2) Notify the principal of the school that is the target of a threat of violence or threat of terrorism. If the principal is not available or cannot be contacted, the law enforcement agency shall notify any school official authorized to act in an emergency situation.

            C. In addition to the investigation and procedures outlined in this Section, nothing shall prohibit a law enforcement officer with probable cause from detaining or arresting any person for any alleged criminal act.

            Acts 2018, No. 716, §1; Acts 2019, No. 209, §1.

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