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      HRULE 14.24     


Rule 14.24.  Notice; Session Meetings; Interim Meetings

A.  The chairman of each standing committee shall post notice of each session committee meeting on bulletin boards in the lobbies of the House and Senate no later than 4:00 o'clock p.m. or one hour after the House convenes in the afternoon, whichever is later, on the legislative day preceding the meeting.  A copy of the notice shall also be filed at the same time with the Clerk of the House.  This notice shall adhere to the weekly committee schedule previously submitted to the Clerk; however the committee shall not be required to list each legislative instrument on its weekly schedule on its notice.  Any legislative instrument listed on the weekly schedule and listed on the notice for a committee which was not disposed of at the first meeting of a committee in the week may be carried over and listed on the notice for the second meeting of the committee during such week.

B.  At least ten days prior to each interim meeting of a committee, the chairman of the committee shall file with the Clerk of the House notice of the meeting.  The Clerk shall transmit notice of each such meeting to the members of the respective committees and to any member of the legislature who is the author of a study resolution or a prefiled legislative instrument scheduled at such meeting no later than seven days prior to the meeting date and shall also be responsible for making such notices available to the news media, to the public, and to all registered lobbyists who have filed written request for such notice with the Clerk.

Mason's Manual:  Sec. 626

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