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      RS 40:978.2.1     


§978.2.1. Reporting of opioid-related overdoses

            A. For purposes of this Section, the following definitions apply:

            (1) "First responders" means the first arriving organized responders with the capability and mission to contain, mitigate, and resolve the emergency at hand such as but not limited to ambulance services, emergency medical service providers, or law enforcement.

            (2) "Opioid-related drug overdose" means a fatal or nonfatal condition including extreme physical illness, decreased level of consciousness, respiratory depression, coma, or the ceasing of respiratory or circulatory function resulting from the consumption or use of an opioid, or another substance with which an opioid was combined.

            B. First responders may provide reports or documents to the Louisiana Department of Health, office of public health, related to dispatches where an encountered individual was experiencing an opioid-related drug overdose and whether naloxone was administered. The office of public health shall treat any such reports or documents as confidential and such documents shall not be subject to release pursuant to a public records request or subpoena to the Louisiana Department of Health or the office of public health.

            Acts 2019, No. 423, §1, eff. June 20, 2019.

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