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      RS 51:3202     


§3202. Legislative findings; creation; intent

            A. The Legislature of Louisiana hereby finds and declares all of the following:

            (1) It is necessary and appropriate to honor the sacrifice that Louisiana veterans have made on our behalf.

            (2) A program recognizing and promoting veteran-owned businesses will help to instill a sense of patriotism in the community and throughout the state and will aid the men and women who were wounded, incapacitated, or otherwise placed their lives on hold to fight for freedom.

            (3) After serving in the armed forces, veterans often return with dreams of starting a business to continue to serve the community, reassimilate, and earn an income in civilian life.

            (4) The legislature appreciates and recognizes veterans' sacrifices and intends to encourage and promote veteran-owned businesses as a vital part of the economy of the state.

            B. The Legislature of Louisiana hereby creates The Veterans First Business Initiative which shall be administered by Louisiana Economic Development.

            C. It is the intent of the Legislature of Louisiana:

            (1) That The Veterans First Business Initiative shall highlight and promote veteran-owned businesses to the public making them easily identifiable and accessible to enable citizens to support veterans.

            (2) That a cooperation among Louisiana Economic Development, the Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs, local chambers of commerce, regional economic development organizations, and local economic development organizations throughout the state is harmoniously developed in order to promote veteran-owned businesses.

            (3) That The Veterans First Business Initiative shall reach out to veterans who own businesses to encourage and assist the veteran to apply for the program and to facilitate interactions between veteran-owned businesses and veterans seeking employment.

            Acts 2019, No. 160, §1.

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