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      RS 51:3204     


§3204. Application; form; submission; confirmation; notification; appeal

            A.(1) The department shall develop an application process including an application form prescribed by the department, for the submission and processing of applications for certification of a business as a veteran-owned business.

            (2) As part of its procedure for certification, the department may require applicants to provide information in addition to that requested on the application forms.

            (3) No business may be decertified as a result of any changes of application form.

            B. Upon receipt of an application, the department shall, in consultation with the Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs, confirm that the applicant is a veteran and that the business is a veteran-owned business as defined in R.S. 51:3203.

            C. The department shall notify the applicant of its decision to grant or deny certification promptly after the decision has been made. If the department denies the application, the decision shall set forth the basis for denial and provide the applicant the opportunity to appeal the decision.

            Acts 2019, No. 160, §1.

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