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      RS 37:1131     



§1131. Purpose

            A. The purpose of this compact is to facilitate interstate practice of licensed professional counselors with the goal of improving public access to professional counseling services. The practice of professional counseling occurs in the state where the client is located at the time of the counseling services. The compact preserves the regulatory authority of states to protect public health and safety through the current system of state licensure.

            B. This compact is designed to achieve the following objectives:

            (1) Increase public access to professional counseling services by providing for the mutual recognition of other member state licenses.

            (2) Enhance the states' ability to protect the public's health and safety.

            (3) Encourage the cooperation of member states in regulating multistate practice for licensed professional counselors.

            (4) Support spouses of relocating active duty military personnel.

            (5) Enhance the exchange of licensure, investigative, and disciplinary information among member states.

            (6) Allow for the use of telehealth technology to facilitate increased access to professional counseling services.

            (7) Support the uniformity of professional counseling licensure requirements throughout the states to promote public safety and public health benefits.

            (8) Invest all member states with the authority to hold a licensed professional counselor accountable for meeting all state practice laws in the state in which the client is located at the time care is rendered through the mutual recognition of member state licenses.

            (9) Eliminate the necessity for licenses in multiple states.

            (10) Provide opportunities for interstate practice by licensed professional counselors who meet uniform licensure requirements.

            Acts 2022, No. 341, §§1, 2C.

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