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      RS 37:1140     


§1140. Data system

            A. The commission shall provide for the development, maintenance, and utilization of a coordinated database and reporting system containing licensure, adverse action, and investigative information on all licensed individuals in member states.

            B. Notwithstanding any other provision of state law to the contrary, a member state shall submit a uniform data set to the data system on all individuals to whom this compact is applicable as required by the rules of the commission, including all of the following:

            (1) Identifying information.

            (2) Licensure data.

            (3) Adverse actions against a license or privilege to practice.

            (4) Nonconfidential information related to alternative program participation.

            (5) Any denial of application for licensure, and the reason for such denial.

            (6) Other information that may facilitate the administration of this compact, as determined by the rules of the commission.

            (7) Current significant investigative information.

            C. Investigative information pertaining to a licensee in any member state shall only be available to other member states.

            D. The commission shall promptly notify all member states of any adverse action taken against a licensee or an individual applying for a license. Adverse action information pertaining to a licensee in any member state shall be available to any other member state.

            E. Member states contributing information to the data system may designate information that may not be shared with the public without the express permission of the contributing state.

            F. Any information submitted to the data system that is subsequently required to be expunged by the laws of the member state contributing the information shall be removed from the data system.

            Acts 2022, No. 341, §1.

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