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      RS 37:1143     


§1143. Date of implementation of the commission for counseling profession compact, practice and associate rules, withdrawal, and amendment

            A. The compact shall come into effect on the date on which the compact statute is enacted into law in the tenth member state. The provisions, which become effective at that time, shall be limited to the powers granted to the commission relating to assembly and the promulgation of rules. Thereafter, the commission shall meet and exercise rulemaking powers necessary for the implementation and administration of the compact.

            B. Any state that joins the compact subsequent to the commission's initial adoption of the rules shall be subject to the rules as they exist on the date on which the compact becomes law in that state. Any rule that has been previously adopted by the commission shall have the full force and effect of law on the day the compact becomes law in that state.

            C.(1) Any member state may withdraw from this compact by enacting a statute repealing the statute.

            (2) A member state's withdrawal shall not take effect until six months after enactment of the repealing statute.

            (3) Withdrawal shall not affect the continuing requirement of the withdrawing state's professional counseling licensing board to comply with the investigative and adverse action reporting requirements of this compact prior to the effective date of withdrawal.

            D. Nothing contained in this compact shall be construed to invalidate or prevent any professional counseling licensure agreement or other cooperative arrangement between a member state and a nonmember state that does not conflict with the provisions of this compact.

            E. This compact may be amended by the member states. No amendment to this compact shall become effective and binding upon any member state until it is enacted into the laws of all member states.

            Acts 2022, No. 341, §1.

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