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      RS 37:1310.11     



§1310.11. Bridge year graduate physicians

            A. The Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners, referred to hereafter in this Section as the "board", may develop, implement, and maintain a program that allows an individual who meets certain criteria as set forth by the board to be certified by the board to practice medicine as a bridge year graduate physician. Such certification shall be valid for one year and may be renewed for no more than two additional one-year periods upon application to the board.

            B. The board shall provide for the criteria for participation in the bridge year graduate physician program which, at a minimum, shall require the individual seeking certification to meet the following qualifications:

            (1) He is a graduate of an accredited medical school.

            (2) He applied to, but was not accepted into, an accredited medical residency training program for the first year following medical school graduation.

            C. The board shall determine criteria for selection of applicants should the number of applicants exceed the available capacity of the program.

            D. The board shall provide for the prescriptive authority of a bridge year graduate physician including prescribing legend and certain controlled drugs.

            E. The board may suspend, terminate, or revoke a bridge year graduate physician certificate prior to the expiration of one year for any reason provided by law or board rule for the termination of licenses, permits, registrations, or certificates issued by the board, including but not limited to a violation of any provision of this Part or the rules promulgated by the board pursuant to this Part.

            F. An individual holding a certification to practice as a bridge year graduate physician shall practice only under the direct supervision of a board-certified physician holding a license in good standing with the board.

            G. The services provided by an individual holding a certificate to practice as a bridge year graduate physician shall be compensable in accordance with customary medical billing practices.

            H. A certificate issued in accordance with the provisions of this Part shall not confer any future right to full, unrestricted licensure.

            Acts 2022, No. 757, §1.

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