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      RS 17:407.22.1     


§407.22.1. Adverse childhood experience program; inclusion in early childhood education; pilot program

            A.(1) The state Department of Education shall create and implement a program that integrates adverse childhood experience education as defined in R.S. 17:437.2 into early childhood education.

            (2) The program shall include adverse childhood experience outreach to the parents and legal guardians of children in early childhood centers. The parents and legal guardians shall receive information, education, and resources about adverse childhood experiences and the effect such experiences have on early childhood education, and the manifestations of such experiences in adulthood and the intergenerational nature of such experiences in families.

            B. The department shall report to the legislature by January 31, 2023, relative to the status, progress, and effects of the programs implemented pursuant to Subsection A of this Section.

            Acts 2022, No. 563, §1.

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