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      RS 17:1519.15     


§1519.15.  Lallie Kemp Regional Medical Center Advisory Council

A.(1)  Lallie Kemp Regional Medical Center Advisory Council is hereby established.  The council shall consist of eleven members who shall serve without compensation.  Legislators representing the parishes of St. Helena and Tangipahoa shall appoint nine members to serve on the advisory council.  Each legislator representing portions of St. Helena and Tangipahoa parish shall appoint one member.  One member shall be appointed by the hospital administrator.  One member shall be appointed by the hospital employee union.

(2)  Each member of the council shall hold office until the appointment and qualification of his successor.  Members shall be appointed for a term of four years.  Members may serve two successive terms only.

(3)  The council shall meet at least once in each quarter of each calendar year or upon call of the secretary or the chairman.  Six members shall constitute a quorum.  The council shall elect from its members a chairman, a vice chairman and secretary, and such committees as it deems necessary to carry out its duties, each for a term of one year.  All meetings of the council shall be public, and except as otherwise provided by law, all records of the council shall be open to inspection.

(4)  Within thirty days after their appointment, the members of the council shall take an oath, before any person authorized to administer oaths, to faithfully and impartially perform their duties.  Such oaths shall be filed with the secretary of state.

(5)  The domicile of the council shall be in the city of Independence.

B.  The council shall:

(1)  Inquire into the needs of the population and health care providers in the catchment area, the matter of the policies thereof, and make such recommendations with respect thereto as may be deemed important and necessary for the welfare of the catchment area, the health of the public in this area, and the welfare and progress of the hospitals in the catchment area.

(2)  Confer and advise the hospital administrator as to how the council may best serve the Lallie Kemp Regional Medical Center.

Acts 2003, No. 906, §1, eff. July 1, 2003.

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