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      RS 56:109.1     


§109.1. Use of all-terrain vehicle trails on wildlife management areas

            A. The department shall keep at least one all-terrain vehicle trail on each department-owned wildlife management area that has such a trail open throughout the year. The department may temporarily close the year-round trail if weather or other conditions render the use of the trail a public safety or an environmental hazard. Access to the year-round trail shall be granted for use by all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles, horses, and bicycles, under rules and regulations promulgated under the Administrative Procedure Act. Persons using the year-round all-terrain vehicle trails shall possess a WMA hunting permit.

            B. A violation of the provisions of this Section, or rules and regulations promulgated pursuant this Section, shall constitute a class one violation.

            Acts 2004, No. 847, §1; Acts 2018, No. 618, §1.

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