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      RS 56:360.3     


§360.3.  Powers, duties, functions, and responsibilities of the Louisiana Aquatic Invasive Species Council and Task Force

A.  The council, with the advice and assistance of the task force, shall do the following things:

(1)  Coordinate the implementation of Louisiana Invasive Aquatic Species Management Plan, which was adopted by the Louisiana Non-Indigenous Aquatic Species Advisory Task Force created by Executive Order MJF 02-11.

(2)  Coordinate and support through collaboration and full communication all efforts in the state, the region, and the nation, as appropriate, to control, prevent or eradicate invasive or potentially invasive aquatic species.

(3)  Coordinate the implementation of the management plan's goals to prevent and control the introduction of new non-indigenous aquatic species into Louisiana; to control the spread and impact of existing invasive aquatic species; and to eradicate already established invasive aquatic species through the development of policies to achieve the following four objectives:

(a)  Prevent and control the introduction or re-introduction of invasive or potentially invasive non-indigenous aquatic species through education about species and pathways of introduction, targeting the general public, schools, industries, government agencies, and other organizations.

(b)  Eliminate established invasive aquatic species through monitoring, early detection, rapid response, and early eradication.

(c)  Control the spread of established invasive aquatic species through cooperative management activities designed to minimize impact where eradication is impossible.

(d)  Prevent the introduction of invasive or potentially invasive non-indigenous aquatic species or the spread of existing invasive or potentially invasive non-indigenous aquatic species.

(4)  Identify all funding sources which may be available for use by the council or the task force to control, contain, eradicate, or prevent the introduction or spread of invasive or potentially invasive non-indigenous aquatic species in an effort to preserve and protect our native ecosystems and indigenous aquatic species.

(5)  Submit to the legislature every two years a status report on the management plan and its implementation.  Such report shall be submitted prior to the opening day of the regular session in even-numbered years and shall comply with the requirements of R.S. 24:772.  Any changes to the plan shall be adopted and promulgated under the provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act and shall be subject to oversight by the House Committee on Natural Resources and Environment and the Senate Committee on Natural Resources.

B.  The task force shall act in an advisory capacity to the council in the development of data and information relative to non-indigenous aquatic species and the implementation and revision of the management plan.  The task force shall meet with the council at the call of the chair of the council.  The task force shall seek the advice and consultation of tribal entities when appropriate.

Acts 2004, No. 185, §2, eff. June 10, 2004; Acts 2008, No. 580, §7.

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