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      RS 17:17.1     


§17.1. Required physical activity in schools

            A.(1) Each public school that includes any of the grades kindergarten through eight shall provide at least thirty minutes each school day of quality moderate to vigorous physical activity for students.

            (2) Suitably adapted physical activity shall be included as part of the individual education plans for students with chronic health problems, other disabling conditions, or other special needs that preclude participation in regular physical activity.

            B. Any student not enrolled in a physical education course at a public secondary school in this state is encouraged to participate in moderate to vigorous physical activity commensurate with the ability of the student for a minimum of thirty minutes per day to develop good health, physical fitness, and improve motor coordination and physical skills.

            C.(1) An outreach and communication plan consisting of current information and research on health, nutrition, and physical education and fitness issues shall be developed pursuant to the collaborative efforts of the Louisiana Department of Health; Department of Education; Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, Pennington Biomedical Research Center; Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports; Louisiana Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance; and the American Heart Association.

            (2) Such plan shall be disseminated to each city, parish, or other local public school board and made available to parents and students.

            D. Each city, parish, and other local public school board shall establish a school health advisory council to advise the board on physical activity for students, physical and health education, nutrition, and overall student health. The council may advise the board on issues relative to compliance with school vending machine restrictions, use of physical fitness assessment results, and school recess policies. The council members shall be appointed by the school board and shall include parents of students and individuals representing the community. All council members shall serve without compensation.

            Acts 2004, No. 734, §1, eff. July 6, 2004; Acts 2009, No. 286, §1, eff. July 1, 2009; Acts 2013, No. 184, §7(A); Acts 2013, No. 329, §1.

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