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      RS 17:176.1     


§176.1.  Field trips and extracurricular activities; rules and procedures

A.  Each city, parish or other public local school board in the state shall develop rules and procedures which will establish criteria and set limits for those individuals, organizations or entities which plan, organize or promote field trips or extracurricular activities for students which involve travel or lodging expenses.  Such rules and procedures at a minimum shall require that any travel agent or booking agent which provides or arranges for transportation or lodging for excursions be required to provide proof of adequate insurance and be bonded.  Such insurance coverage and bonding capacity shall be sufficient to insure recovery of all monetary advances as a result of nonperformance.

B.  No principal of any middle, junior high, or high school in a city, parish or other public local school system in the state shall approve any student field trip or extracurricular activity promoted by any individual, organization or entity involving for hire transportation or lodging at a hotel or motel unless such arrangements are in accordance with school board policies and procedures which provide for certain insurance coverage and bond capacity.

Acts 2004, No. 605, §1.

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