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      RS 17:1519.16     


§1519.16.  Employees of Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center medical centers; health care professional employee pools

A.  The legislature recognizes that it is important that the LSU HSC medical centers are competitive in employing scarce health care professionals to meet staffing shortages and to supplement the core of permanent classified health care professionals.

B.(1)  For the purposes provided in Subsection A of this Section, each LSU HSC medical center may facilitate the employment of health care professionals for the medical center by establishing an unclassified health care professional employee pool, hereinafter in this Section referred to as a "pool".  As more specifically provided in this Section and in R.S. 11:162(E) and R.S. 42:398 and 808(D), employees in positions in any such pool shall not be eligible for the same benefits as classified health care professionals.

(2)(a)  For purposes of this Section, a "health care professional" shall mean a licensed registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse and such allied health professionals as shall be agreed upon by the particular medical center and the State Civil Service Commission.

(b)  For purposes of this Section, an "LSU HSC medical center" shall mean any of the medical centers or hospitals operated by and under the authority of the Board of Supervisors of Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College as enumerated in R.S. 17:1519.2(B).

C.  A pool shall be comprised of unclassified health care professionals employed by a particular LSU HSC medical center for the purposes provided in Subsection A of this Section.  The inclusion of a position in a pool shall be subject to the prior approval by the State Civil Service Commission and notification to AFSCME Louisiana Council 17.  Approved unclassified pool positions shall not exceed ten percent of full-time equivalencies in any approved category without approval of the state Department of Civil Service and concurrence of AFSCME Louisiana Council 17.

D.  If a health care professional will be employed in a pool position, the appointing authority shall provide the prospective employee information about the position as otherwise required by law, including R.S. 11:162(E) and R.S. 42:398 and 808(D).

E.  An employee who is employed in a position in a pool may be employed on a full-time or a part-time basis.

Acts 2005, No. 223, §2, eff. July 1, 2005.

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