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      RS 40:600.38     


§600.38.  Local governmental subdivision as receiver

A.  The court shall grant the local governmental subdivision possession of the property if it finds that:

(1)  The rehabilitation plan is appropriate.

(2)  The local governmental subdivision or its designated qualified rehabilitation entity is qualified to undertake the rehabilitation plan.

(3)  The rehabilitation plan submitted by the local governmental subdivision represents a realistic and timely plan for the rehabilitation and reuse of the blighted housing property.

B.(1)  The local governmental subdivision shall take all steps necessary and appropriate to further the rehabilitation and reuse of the property consistent with the rehabilitation plan submitted to the court.

(2)  In making its findings pursuant to this Section, the court may consult with qualified parties and, upon request by a party in interest, may hold a hearing on the plan.

(3)  Regardless of whether a local governmental subdivision exercises its rights directly or designates a qualified rehabilitation entity pursuant to this Section, while in possession of a blighted housing property, a local governmental subdivision shall maintain, safeguard, and maintain insurance on the blighted housing property.

C.  Notwithstanding the local governmental subdivision's possession of the blighted housing property during the receivership term, nothing in this Chapter shall be deemed to relieve the owner of the property of any civil or criminal liability or any duty imposed by reason of acts or omissions of the owner, or of any obligation the owner or any other person may have for the payment of taxes or other municipal liens and charges, or mortgages or liens to any party, whether those taxes, charges, or liens are incurred before or after the appointment of the receiver.

Acts 2006, No. 355, §1, eff. June 13, 2006.

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