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      RS 56:1950.11     




§1950.11.  Old Metairie Road Business and Cultural District; designation

A.  The legislature finds that Metairie Road is a historic route situated on a ridge of well-drained land along an abandoned distributary of the Mississippi River which historically provided a dry land route into New Orleans from the West; that the name goes back some two centuries and is related to farming in the area, being derived from the French moitie, or one-half, or moitoire, a farming village based on a kind of medieval sharecropping; and that today the Metairie Road area is a rich cultural community comprised of shops, coffee houses, restaurants, professional buildings, and other establishments of interest to residents and visitors.  It is the intention of the legislature to designate the area along a portion of Metairie Road as a business and cultural district in order to commemorate its historical and cultural significance and to assure ready access to the district by providing directions to residents and visitors.

B.  The legislature does hereby designate that portion of Metairie Road in Jefferson Parish defined in R.S. 56:1950.12 as a business and cultural district.

Acts 2006, No. 245, §1, eff. July 1, 2006.

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