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      RS 37:1026.5     


§1026.5.  Authorized and prohibited functions of medication attendants

A.  The authorized functions of the certified medication attendant shall include the following:

(1)  Delivery and administration of certain prescribed medications ordered by an authorized prescriber for patients under the supervision of a licensed nurse by the following methods:

(a)  Orally.

(b)  Topically.

(c)  Drops for eye, ear, or nose.

(d)  Vaginally.

(e)  Rectally.

(f)  Transdermally.

(g)  Via oral inhaler.

(2)  Recording medications administered to the resident in the resident's chart.

(3)  Charting medication effects and side effects.

B.  The prohibited functions of the medication attendant shall include the following:

(1)  Administering controlled dangerous substances or other substances identified as high risk by the department, unless otherwise specified in department rules.

(2)  Administering medications by intramuscular, intravenous, subcutaneous, or other routes restricted in department rules.

(3)  Administering medications by the oral inhalant aerosol route, unless administering a premeasured dosage unit provided by the manufacturer.

(4)  Administering medications ordered on a pro re nata, as-needed, basis, except on an individualized basis as specified in department rules.

(5)  Receiving or assuming responsibility for writing oral or telephone orders from an authorized prescriber.

(6)  Performing a task involving the administration of medication if the medication administration requires an assessment of the patient's physical status, the need for medication, a calculation of the dosage of the medication, or the conversion of a dosage.

(7)  Performing a task involving the administration of a medication if the patient is unstable or has changing nursing needs, unless the supervising nurse is available to monitor the patient and the effect of the medication on the patient.

Acts 2007, No. 293, §1, eff. July 9, 2007.

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