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      RS 17:10.8     


§10.8.  School and district accountability system; early intervention program; purpose; responsibilities of state board

A.  As part of the school and district accountability system established pursuant to R.S. 17:10.1, et seq., the state Department of Education, hereafter referred to as the department, shall develop and establish, subject to the approval of and rules adopted by the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, a program that provides for early identification of low performing schools that are at risk of being labeled "academically unacceptable" and provides targeted interventions that are designed to address identified areas of weakness and prevent the low-performing school from failing.  The department shall begin development and establishment of the program in any fiscal year in which monies are specifically appropriated for such purpose.

B.  The department shall develop the criteria used to identify schools that are at risk of being labeled "academically unacceptable" which shall include but not be limited to the following:

(1)  The school has a baseline school performance score that is not more than ten points higher than the score required to be labeled "academically unacceptable" or, for a new school with no baseline school performance score, an assessment index calculation that has an equivalent concordant value.

(2)  Such school has not met its established growth target for two consecutive years and does not evidence signs of academic progress.

C.  The department shall develop interventions, actions, and strategies to address all identified areas of weakness.

D.  The department shall take all steps necessary to ensure that the school is effectively implementing all department recommendations, and shall provide sufficient technical assistance and other resources needed to adequately address the school's identified areas of weakness and improve school performance.

Acts 2008, No. 772, §1.

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