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      RS 17:280     


§280.  Internet and cell phone safety education; required instruction

A.  The governing authority of each public elementary and secondary school shall provide age and grade appropriate classroom instruction regarding Internet and cell phone safety.  Such instruction shall be integrated into an existing course of study and shall include but need not be limited to providing students with information on the following with respect to both cell phones and the Internet:

(1)  The safe and responsible use of social networking websites, chat rooms, electronic mail, bulletin boards, instant messaging, and other means of electronic communication.

(2)  Risks of transmitting personal information.

(3)  Recognizing, avoiding, and reporting solicitations by sexual predators.

(4)  Recognizing and reporting illegal activities and communications.

(5)  Recognizing and reporting harassment and cyberbullying.

(6)  Recognizing and avoiding unsolicited or deceptive communications.

(7)  Copyright laws on written materials, photographs, music, and video.

B.  The State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education shall prescribe suitable teaching materials for instruction.

C.  Each public school governing authority shall provide teaching materials regarding Internet and cell phone safety to parents and legal guardians.

D.  No person shall have a cause of action against any school district, school, or school employee based on any statement made or action taken, or by the omission of any statement or action, regarding instruction required by this Section.  The immunity from liability established in this Subsection shall not apply to any statement or action by a school employee that is maliciously, willfully, and deliberately intended to cause bodily harm to a student or to harass or intimidate a student.

Acts 2008, No. 672, §3; Acts 2012, No. 384, §1.

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