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      RS 56:69.23     


§69.23.  Procedures for issuing citations in relation to the Wildlife Violators Compact

A.  When issuing a citation for a wildlife violation, a wildlife officer shall issue a citation to a person whose home state is another participating state in the same manner as if the person were a resident of the issuing state and shall not require the person to post collateral to secure appearance, subject to the exceptions set forth in Subsection B of this Section, provided that the wildlife officer receives the personal recognizance of the person that he will comply with the terms of the citation.  Nothing herein shall prohibit physical arrests if the wildlife officer deems necessary.

B.  Personal recognizance is acceptable, if both are present:

(1)  If not prohibited by local law or the compact manual.

(2)  If the violator provides adequate proof of identification to the wildlife officer.

C.  Upon conviction or failure of a person to comply with the terms of a citation, the appropriate official shall report the conviction or failure to comply with the licensing authority of the issuing state.  The report shall be made in accordance with procedures specified by the issuing state and shall contain information as specified in the compact manual as minimum requirements for effective processing by the home state.

D.  Upon receipt of the report of a conviction or noncompliance pursuant to Subsection C of this Section, the licensing authority of the issuing state shall transmit to the licensing authority of the home state of the violator the information in the form and with the content as prescribed in the compact manual.

Acts 2008, No. 363, §1.

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