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      RS 37:711.15     


§711.15.  License eligibility

A.  To be eligible for a license under this Chapter, an applicant shall meet the following minimum qualifications:

(1)  The applicant must be of good moral and ethical character as attested to by letters of reference submitted on behalf of the applicant or as otherwise determined by the board.

(2)  The applicant shall have either:

(a)  Graduated from a course of study in a discipline of geoscience satisfactory to the board that consists of at least four years of study and includes at least thirty semester hours or forty-five quarter hours of credit in geoscience, of which at least twenty semester hours or thirty quarter hours of credit must be in upper-level college courses in that discipline.

(b)  Satisfactorily completed other equivalent educational requirements as determined by the board.

(3)  The applicant shall have a documented record of at least five years of qualifying work experience, as provided by this Chapter, that demonstrates that the applicant is qualified to assume responsible charge of geoscientific work.

(4)(a)  The applicant must pass an examination required by the board covering the fundamentals and practice of the appropriate discipline of geoscience.

(b)  An applicant who applies for licensure under this Chapter prior to January 1, 2015, shall be exempt from taking the examination described in Subparagraph (a) of this Paragraph if the applicant satisfies all other requirements of this Subsection.

B.  The board may accept qualifying work experience in lieu of the education required by Subsection A of this Section.

Acts 2010, No. 974, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 2011; Acts 2012, No. 308, §1, eff. May 25, 2012; Acts 2014, No. 228, §1, eff. May 28, 2014.

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