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      RS 56:578.15     


§578.15. Louisiana Wild Seafood Certification Program

            A. The secretary of the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is authorized to establish a quality certification program for Louisiana wild fish, as defined in R.S. 56:8, and for Louisiana wild seafood products, including wild-caught shrimp, which are taken, harvested, or landed in Louisiana. The program shall be established through the promulgation and adoption of certification standards in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act. Such standards may include but are not limited to harvest requirements, post-harvest refrigeration requirements, quality standards, handling practices, traceability, branding and branding registrations, recording requirements, compliance standards, and packaging regulations. The secretary may develop and regulate certification protocols, programs, and establish regulatory authority in cooperation with the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry, Louisiana Louisiana Department of Health, Louisiana State University, and any other state or federal agency deemed appropriate.

            B. All seafood product intended to be marketed as Louisiana Wild Seafood certified must meet all criteria and requirements as set out in the department's rules and regulations. Any product sold or attempted to be sold under the auspices of the Louisiana Wild Seafood Certification Program which is in violation of the rules and regulations shall be immediately removed from the market and the disposition of such product shall be delineated in the rules and regulations adopted to establish the program.

            C. Any fisherman or seafood dealer who wishes to participate in the Louisiana Wild Seafood Certification Program shall apply to the department to be issued a participation permit by the department. This permit may be suspended or revoked by the department for violation of the provisions of the program. Any holder of such permit who harvests or markets Louisiana wild fish or wild seafood products in accordance with the requirements of the Louisiana Wild Seafood Certification Program shall be authorized to market said product under the auspices of the Louisiana Wild Seafood Certification Program.

            Acts 2010, No. 294, §1.

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