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      RS 37:1226.3     


§1226.3. Prescription drugs; returns, exchanges, and redispensing in pharmacies serving certain correctional facilities; authority to promulgate rules

            A. Except as provided in Subsection B of this Section, all drugs dispensed on prescription to an offender in the custody of the Department of Public Safety and Corrections, or in the custody of a local law enforcement office or department, may be accepted for return, exchange, or redispensing by a pharmacy operated by or under contract with the department or by a pharmacy authorized by the board to provide prescriptions to a local law enforcement office or department.

            B. The pharmacist in charge of the pharmacy shall determine that the returned drug is not adulterated, expired, or misbranded and is safe to dispense. No product shall be redispensed by the pharmacist if the integrity of the medication cannot be assured. A drug that can be dispensed only to a patient registered with the drug's manufacturer in accordance with federal Food and Drug Administration requirements shall not be accepted or redispensed under the provisions of the program provided for in this Section.

            C. No pharmaceutical manufacturer shall be liable for any claim or injury arising from the redispensing of any prescription drug pursuant to the provisions of this Section, including but not limited to liability for failure to transfer or communicate product or consumer information regarding the redispensed drug, as well as the expiration date of the redispensed drug.

            D. The Louisiana Board of Pharmacy shall have the authority to promulgate rules in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act for the purpose of administering the provisions of this Section.

            Acts 2011, No. 315, §1, eff. June 28, 2011; Acts 2016, No. 310, §1.

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