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      RS 12:1406     


§1406.  Liability of incorporators, subscribers, shareholders, directors, officers and agents

A.  A subscriber to, or holder of, shares of a professional social work corporation shall be under no liability to the corporation with respect to such shares, other than the obligation of complying with the terms of the subscription therefor, and said obligation shall continue whether or not his rights or shares have been assigned or transferred.

B.  A shareholder shall not be personally liable for any debt or liability of the corporation.

C.  Nothing in this Chapter shall be construed as in derogation of any rights which any person may by law have against an incorporator, subscriber, shareholder, director, officer or agent of the corporation because of any fraud practiced upon him, or because of any breach of professional duty or other negligent or wrongful act by such person, or in derogation of any right which the corporation may have against any of such persons because of any fraud practiced upon it by him.

Acts 1997, No. 1169, §1.

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