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      RS 12:213     


§213.  Issuance of shares; consideration

A.  Par-value shares may be issued initially for such consideration expressed in dollars, not less than the par value thereof, as shall be fixed by the board of directors.  Shares without par value may be issued initially for such consideration expressed in dollars as may be fixed by the board of directors, or by the members by vote of a majority in interest of the voting members present, if the articles reserve to the members the right to fix the consideration.  Treasury shares may be disposed of by the corporation for such consideration as may be fixed from time to time by the board of directors.  

B.  Shares issued (1) pursuant to exercise of conversion rights, (2) in exchange for, or in respect of, outstanding shares pursuant to a reclassification of stock, or (3) in a merger or consolidation as provided in the merger or consolidation agreement, shall be considered as fully paid when so issued.  

C.  The consideration for shares shall be paid in cash or in corporeal or incorporeal property, or services actually rendered to the corporation, the fair value of which is not less than the dollar amount of the consideration fixed for the shares, before the shares are issued.  Upon payment of the consideration fixed therefor, such shares shall be considered as fully paid.  Cash consideration for shares may not be paid by the purchaser's note, secured or unsecured, or uncertified check; and in case of delivery of such a note or check in payment for shares, the shares shall not be issued until the note or check has been paid in full.  

D.  Solely for the purpose of determining whether shares have been paid for fully, the valuation placed by the directors or members, as the case may be, upon the consideration other than cash paid therefor shall be conclusive.  

Acts 1968, No. 105, §1.  

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