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      RS 12:218     


§218.  Membership dues; assessments

A.  Corporations may levy dues or assessments, or both, upon their members, but only in accordance with authority conferred either by the articles or the by-laws.  

B.  Dues or assessments, or both, may be levied upon shares and non-shareholding members of all classes and series alike, or in different amounts or proportions, or upon a different basis, upon shares or non-shareholding members of different classes or series, but shall be uniform as to all shares or all non-shareholding members of the same class or series.  Members of one or more classes may be made exempt from either dues or assessments, or both, in the manner and to the extent provided either in the articles or by-laws.  The amount of the levy and the method of collection of dues or assessments, or both, may be fixed in the articles or by-laws, or the articles or by-laws may authorize the board of directors to fix the amount thereof from time to time, and make them payable at the time and by the method of collection which the directors prescribe.  

C.  The articles or by-laws may include provisions for the cancellation of membership, and for the forfeiture of shares, upon reasonable notice, for nonpayment of dues or assessments, and for the reinstatement of membership or shareholder status.  

Acts 1968, No. 105, §1.  

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