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      RS 12:229     


§229.  Meetings of members

A.  Meetings of members may be held at any place, within or without this state, which is provided in the articles or by-laws or specified in the notice of the meeting.  Unless otherwise provided or specified, all meetings of the members shall be held in this state at the registered office of the corporation.  

B.  The articles or by-laws may provide for the number and time of meetings of members, but at least one meeting of the members shall be held in each calendar year for the election of directors, the time for which shall be fixed in the articles or by-laws.  Failure to hold the annual meeting at the designated time shall not work any forfeiture or dissolution of the corporation.  If the annual meeting has not been called and held within six months after the designated time, the meeting may be called by any ten members, or by any member or members holding five per cent or more of the voting power.  

C.  Special meetings of the members may be called at any time by the president, the board of directors or any person so authorized in the articles or by-laws.  At any time, upon written request of any person entitled to call a special meeting, the secretary shall call a special meeting of the members to be held at the time which the secretary fixes, not less than ten or more than sixty days after the receipt of the request.  If the secretary neglects or refuses to issue the call, the person making the request may do so.  

D.  At any meeting of members, a list of members entitled to vote, arranged alphabetically and certified by the secretary, showing the number and class of shares held by each shareholder, and the class of membership held by each other member, on the record date for the meeting, shall be produced on the request of any member.  This list shall be prima facie evidence of its contents, and of the right of the members listed therein to vote.  

Acts 1968, No. 105, §1.  

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